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Butter Chicken Masala

Murgh Makhani or better known as Butter Chicken Masala is the recipe of the day. Check it out at Chicken Biryani!

This typical dish from Punjab is best to be enjoyed with Naan bread and a refreshing raita...

Rogan Josh

Happy new year to all of you and here we go again, with an updated version of our Rogan Josh recipe. Enjoy your meal and see you soon!

Pork vindaloo...

... and if you are not into pork, you should replace it in the following recipe with some other meat. maybe lamb :) anyhow, here is our new pork vindaloo recipe!.

Yet another Indian kebab

Due to the success of our last kebab recipe, we added a new one, a typical Indian lamb kebab - makes a great appetizer! Enjoy, friends!

Kebab in India and the Silken Kebab

Indian kebabs are not too different from other's around the world, but something really special is this one the Reshmi Kebab or Silken kebab... Curious? Check it out!

Time for something sweet!

After we cooked the last time a tomato chutney, this time we will not cook at all, and still make a coconut chutney! Enjoy it!
Hey Friends,
thank you for the recent likes on our facebook page, here is a tomato chutney for you!

Korma Chicken Recipe

Hey foodies, a new recipe is out, this time we will make some Korma Chicken!

Recipe of the Day: Pineapple Raita

Today ChickenBiryani.org recommends you a Pineapple Raita! Post your comments below :)

Anyone likes raita?

Some new recipe out there: Potato raita, with green chili. It will take you not more than minutes... Enjoy!